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24-12-2018 AeonWave version 3.5.6 released. - urgency: medium
  • Fix a segmentation fault in case of a (intentionally) corrupt AAXS file.

pc-9m" AeonWave-HD 64 is like Microsofts XAudio2 or Apples CoreAudio but multi-platform and more feature rich. It is a Freeware, dual licensed (GPL2 and GPL3) 3D and 4D audio engine aimed at the professional game, simulation, virtual-reality , multimedia and audio market. Commercial users can acquire a selling exception which safeguards against the obligation to also release the code under the GPL when linking against the library.

AeonWaves sub-mixing capabilities extend to 4D space where multiple interconnected sound emitters can be moved around just by updating the matrix of the sub-mixing capable parent audio-frame.
AeonWave also contains a full software synthesizer which, combined with the freely available MIDI file playback package and nearly 300 instrument and sound effects files, makes AeonWave the perfect solution for game software developers.


AeonWave supports Windows and GNU/Linux operating systems (Intel and ARM). The adoption of the Simple DirectMedia Layer 2.0 as a fallback option for not directly supported audio drivers opens the door to also easily support MacOS and BSD systems. The software provides a small, easy to use, fault tolerant and consistent API for the C language. In addition there is an even easier to use C++ API which exposes all the advantages C++ has to offer. The C++ API also comes with a buffer cache to minimize resources, and a simple way to stream background music without the need for the calling program to fill audio buffers on demand. This is done using the integrated audio streaming code which can also be used to read sound buffers, even from a remote location.

The library provides low latency support by taking optimal advantage of the users hardware. It, for instance, uses automatic load balancing threading when required and available (up top 16-cores can be utilized).

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AeonWave Config is part of AeonWave Support and is a graphical configuration utility to easily manage the default configuration for AeonWave.

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ZeroXML is a BSD licensed/Public Domain (whichever you prefer) lightweight, cross platform XML configuration file reading abstraction layer. The package also contains the xmlgrep utility.

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