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21-06-2021 AeonWave version 3.10.0 released
  • Fix a possible use-after-free situation for the ALSA backend. Fix a segmentation fault for an empty sound section of aaxs files. Improved MP3 playback. Add a delay-line effect.


Audio Scenegraph

AeonWave-HD 64 is like Microsofts XAudio2 or Apples CoreAudio but multi-platform and more feature rich. AeonWaves sub-mixing capabilities extend to 4D space where multiple interconnected sound emitters can be moved around just by updating the matrix of the sub-mixing capable parent audio-frame. AeonWave also supports distance time delay if you need it, but only if you want it.


The library provides low latency support by taking optimal advantage of the users hardware. It, for instance, uses automatic load balancing threading when required and available (up top 16-cores can be utilized).

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Instrument Simulation

AeonWave contains a full software synthesizer which, combined with the freely available MIDI file playback package and over 300 instrument and sound effects files, makes AeonWave the perfect solution for synthesizer manufacturers.


The software supports parametric synthesizing of instruments at and unprecedented level where no prerecorded sound samples are used and every parameter is adjustable, from the timbre to filters and effects. Alternatively the software allows for using prerecorded instrument sounds and use filters and effects to manipulate it's audio characteristics.

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AeonWave Config is part of AeonWave Support and is a graphical configuration utility to easily manage the default configuration for AeonWave.

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ZeroXML is a BSD licensed/Public Domain (whichever you prefer) lightweight, cross platform XML configuration file reading abstraction layer. The package also contains the xmlgrep utility.

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