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Adalin B.V. is a privately held company which was founded in 2001 in Enschede-Twente in the Eastern part of The Netherlands.

The main focus is towards research and development of multi dimensional audio virtualisation software solutions. The company is specialized in optimizing code both for low memory demands and for high execution speed, combined with low power consumption.

Early 2005 project Anaconda was born with the aim to develop a fast and reliable 3D audio software library, which resulted in a new version of the popular OpenAL audio library. The code was written from scratch and built upon more than 15 years of software development, digital audio processing and flight simulation experience.

In September 2011 Adalin B.V. announced the first public release of AeonWave version 2.0 that marks a milestone in the development of 4D audio rendering software by integrating stereo filter and effects mixer functionality and spatialized audio technology in one extremely fast, fault tolerant and hardware accelerated audio rendering engine.

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