MIDI Files

The following section shows a number audio tracks which are completely generated using AeonWaves capabilities, using the synthesizer, filters and effects and audio streaming to an mp3 file.
Everything you will hear is generated by pure mathematics: sinuses and noise combined with filters and effects.

All instruments are placed in 3D space in an arc around the listener at an equal distance. The exact location is based on the panning property which is provided by the MIDI file. This setup makes it possible to move away from the stage when used in a game or virtual environment.

Have a look at the Non-Free instrument set for a comparison between a classic synthesizer, a wave-table synthesizer and AeonWave's hybrid synthesizer model.

Note: This is the basic instrument set which still in full development. So these files will be updated regularly.

Piano Sonata Op. 10, No. 3, L. van Beethoven

(C) Bernd Krueger 2008, Edition: 1012-05-09

5th Symphony Op. 67, No. 1, L. van Beethoven

The MIDI file is from an unknown origin.

Faith, a GS-MIDI a file taken from:


KingOfTheDesert, a GS-MIDI file taken from:


DayBreak, a GS-MIDI a file taken from:


Thugs, a GS-MIDI file taken from:


Passport, (C) 1991 by Passport Designs, Inc.

This is sort of a GM-MIDI benchmark.