03-10-2017 AeonWave version 3.0.3 released
Support more exotic WAV files, fix a possible segmentation fault when loading WAV files and fix a bug in the matrix code which could create a segmentation fault.
23-09-2017 AeonWave version 3.0.1 released
Fix a few bugs for unusual situations in the new streaming code. Improve the functions to get a type-by-name for Filter, Effect, DistanceModel and Waveforms.
17-09-2017 AeonWave version 3.0.0 released
AeonWave version 3.0 "Devil Ray" is another milestone in several ways:

Licensing is updated to dual licensing for GPL and a commercial license. This also means there is no Lite version anymore.

The engine is updated to favor 64-bit architectures while still being 32-bit compatible.

The audio streaming code has had a major overhaul and is now tightly integrated. This allows the use of the streaming code to create buffer objects from sound files stored on remote web servers.

It is now possible to assign filters and effects to the mixer, audio-frames and emitters using AAXS encoded buffer objects. Almost anything in the AeonWave audio engine is controlled using filters and effects. AAXS files are AeonWave native XML encoded files which could be retrieved from remote web hosts using the new streaming code. This way filter and effect settings can be tweaked even after the release, no recompiling required.

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